Monday, April 28, 2008

help wanted

I'm struggeling with a lot of frustration & lack of inspiration right now... Trying to finish two projects that both include stupid birds, but nothing turns out the way I want it. Stupid, stupid swallows & magpies. & of course they're embroiderys that i've promised to do for friends so I just have to finish them.

Anyone out there who's got at good pattern/design for a swallow? Think traditional tattoo style. I just can't stand starting over for the fourth time & once again realize that the design or the colours doesn't work the way I want it.

Here's a picture of a stupid swallow:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

my little anarchist (in between my beauty magazines & my credit card bills)

All quiet on the crafting front (except the fact that I sold some patches at sunday's festival so that the cat & I can eat this week too). But I just had to post a picture of the Cutest Earrings Ever (is it still "earrings" even though there's actually no rings involved?) that I bought last week:

Tiny little anarchist ponies! The best combination ever! But I'll have to re-design them a bit, I'm gonna add a longer chain between the hook and the ponies & then some pearls or other stuff. I promise to show the finished result later.

Anyway, today is april 24 which mean that it's World Day for Laboratory Animals - an international campaign day to end animal testing & promote cruelty free alternative methods. For those of you that for example have a craving for cool make up & feel like the non-tested alternatives are too "homemade" & goody two-shoes for you - check out Urban Decay & Hard Candy. They both even have certified vegan products, which mean that they also are totally free from animal ingredients.

(& here I should add a disclaimer about the evils of make up & the beauty industry that corrupt young girls - & older women's - minds so that they put all their energy & thought into fullfilling societys ideals about our bodys & representation. But I'm totally paralyzed after filling my head with glittery eye-shadow & glossy lipstick)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

capitalism stole my virginity (or; I'm so poor won't you gimmie some money?)

Oh my goodness greatness! I just found the most amazing vegan cupcakes ever ! Check this out & then tell me that vegan food is bland & boring...

Apart from this, I'm stiching patches until my fingers bleed. Gotta have a stash ready for sundays market, since I've embraced my inner capitalist & set out to make some money. It's not without hesitation, I still feel a bit akward about the whole craft to sell-thing, but the truth is that I'm so fucking broke right now that I really have to jump at any chance I get to earn some cash. But still... I listened to the
craft cartel podcast #3 today, where there's a discussion about craftivism & what makes crafting radical & subversive. & it is a pretty hard nut to crack I think. Take some of the patches I've made for sunday for example; they have explicit political messages/meanings, but I've made them with the intent to sell them for cash. Does that make a difference to the activist aspect of them? Or is it just the same, as long as the buyer wears them & can argue for the politics they represent?

Well, here's some of the stuff that you could become the proud owners of on sunday. Come on punks, give me your money!

Monday, April 14, 2008

fun for the whole family!

As usual, sorry for the lack of updates (even my mom has complained). But I thought some of you might be interested in this: folk festival at the alternative culturehouse Cyklopen (Högdalen) on sunday, April 20. There will be bands, food, workshops, a diy market & crafting. I'll be there helping out & probably trying to sell some patches. More info here.