Thursday, April 17, 2008

capitalism stole my virginity (or; I'm so poor won't you gimmie some money?)

Oh my goodness greatness! I just found the most amazing vegan cupcakes ever ! Check this out & then tell me that vegan food is bland & boring...

Apart from this, I'm stiching patches until my fingers bleed. Gotta have a stash ready for sundays market, since I've embraced my inner capitalist & set out to make some money. It's not without hesitation, I still feel a bit akward about the whole craft to sell-thing, but the truth is that I'm so fucking broke right now that I really have to jump at any chance I get to earn some cash. But still... I listened to the
craft cartel podcast #3 today, where there's a discussion about craftivism & what makes crafting radical & subversive. & it is a pretty hard nut to crack I think. Take some of the patches I've made for sunday for example; they have explicit political messages/meanings, but I've made them with the intent to sell them for cash. Does that make a difference to the activist aspect of them? Or is it just the same, as long as the buyer wears them & can argue for the politics they represent?

Well, here's some of the stuff that you could become the proud owners of on sunday. Come on punks, give me your money!

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