Monday, April 28, 2008

help wanted

I'm struggeling with a lot of frustration & lack of inspiration right now... Trying to finish two projects that both include stupid birds, but nothing turns out the way I want it. Stupid, stupid swallows & magpies. & of course they're embroiderys that i've promised to do for friends so I just have to finish them.

Anyone out there who's got at good pattern/design for a swallow? Think traditional tattoo style. I just can't stand starting over for the fourth time & once again realize that the design or the colours doesn't work the way I want it.

Here's a picture of a stupid swallow:


Anonymous said...

I have a pattern of swallows if you want, Just give me a day to figure out the best way to get it onto the computer!

johanna said...

yay! happy happy, joy joy! would really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Cool beans, will get onto that asap!

Anonymous said...

The quality of the image is actually worse than I thought. If you click on them it should make it a bit better, but it was a bit tricky without a scanner. Sorry! Hopefully it will be ok though!