Saturday, August 29, 2009

all apologies (now you know what I didn't do this summer)

Once again I start this off with an apology & a promise to do better in the future when it comes to blogging. It's just that I haven't really done any cross stitching these last months, hence no updates (since I refuse to turn this blog into yet another whiny diary on the internet).

But don't think I've been totally lazy; I have a lot of projects that I've started but not finished. & now they're laying around the apartment as constant reminders of my failures & tendencies to never go through with stuff. Well, maybe not that drastic, but still - there's that little sting of I should have done better that is so annoying when you realize that something that once was joyful & fun has turned into yet another thing that makes you feel a bit... uncomfortable.

So, to get myself back on track again, I thought I'd ask you (if you're still there) which project I should concentrate on getting done? The portrait of Courtney Love? The wedding gift for swedish princess Victoria & her gym prince? The Buffy & Spike one? Or maybe the cross stitch based on the burnt down remains of Cyklopen? It's up to you now, just leave a comment.

Apart from that I've just finished one little thing this summer. It's a patch made from a stencil, but a bit modified. I did it around this years Punk Illegal festival in Munkedal - like last year it was a big success in every aspect (okay, maybe not the constant rain). Punk rock, good food, nice people & a good cause. I found it a bit funny that the festival was around the same time as the election for parliament of the european union, where words like freedom & the right to move across borders are often used. It's just that this freedom & these rights seem to be focused on capital, not people.

At the same time as we open up the borders for investments, money & exploitation, Fort Europa closes it's gates to the rest of the world, to the desperate people crossing water & desserts to get here & work for scraps from our tables. These are the people washing our dishes, cleaning our toilets & takeing care of our children & we thank them by makeing them into hunted animals, afraid to go out, to sleep, to live, to dream. All this because the much talked about freedom is only for those who can afford it.