Thursday, March 13, 2008

she's a man-eater

I wish I had something to say, but apparently I don't. Had a friend over for dinner earlier & now I'm sitting here drinking tea & listening to Victor Jara by myself. The crafting is still going strong, but i don't have any finished pieces to show you, so you just have to hang on for a while.

In the meantime you could watch yesterdays edition of Uppdrag Granskning on Swedish television. For those of you who don't speak/understand swedish, here's a short summary: The meat industry is one of the biggest pollutioners world wide, mostly due to methane gas & the fact that tons & tons of soybeans are grown to feed livestock (often on land that used to be rain forrest in south america). Last year the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United nations (FAO) published a report named Livestock's long shadow (download it
here), where it's concluded that 18 % of the harmful pollution that adds to the greenhouse effect comes from the Western meat industry. That's more than the whole sector of transportation all together (even if you don't count the transportation of meat & animals).

But still no one is willing to talk about this. All you hear when it comes to climate change, the greenhouse effect & the fact that we have to do something about it now, before it's too late, is that we need to cut down on transportation, use less energy & promote "climate smart" products. Take Sweden for example, here you get a discount of 10 000 skr if you buy a environment-friendly car & it's discussed if we should inforce higher taxes on for example flying. But no Swedish politician is ready to say that the food people eat, their desire to feed on the meat of other living creatures, is slowly (or nowadays, rather quickly) killing our planet. Why is this? What's the deal with the meat? It's pretty interesting that people are willing to cut back on other things & maybe change their way of living in many ways to stop global warming, but when you start talking about what they eat & why, it's all just a big fucking taboo to even bring the question up for discussion.

& speaking of eating, last saturday was march 8, the International Women's Day (a day that was established in 1910, at a meeting in the same house that later became
Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen which was torn down just a year ago) . I wasn't too involved in the celebration this year (well, it's no celebration - what do we have to celebrate? not much) but I did go to a friends house to have brunch & eat the MANBREAD that she made especially for this day.

The slogan of the day was of course If you can't beat them, eat them!

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