Monday, March 24, 2008

sweet dreams are made of this

Yeay, an update! I've finished some stuff during Easter (a weekend spent on Öland with my cousin & aunt, doing nothing but eating & crafting & visiting yardsales) so here goes:

My first encounter with feminism was probably through music - the angry screams of Kathleen, Corin, Tobi, Allison, Jennifer, Carrie & all the other riot grrrls. It was through them I got my first insights about issues like sexual abuse, female empowerment & sexuality. My first analysis of patriarchy was definitely soundtracked & fueld by the pure force of songs like Double dare ya.

We're bikini kill, and we want revolution, girl style, NOW!

So, I made a pattern for the classic jumping cheerleader with the text on it, but then decided to go another way. & I think it turned out pretty good, the plan is to make a pillowcase out of it.

Speaking of pillowcases, this is one that my cousin made last summer. I love the expression in the boy's face:

I'm to tired to make this into a proper update with text & all, so you just have to do with a crappy photo of another patch I finished in the car on the way home today.


Kakariki said...

Love it!

Love the boys one too. Is it from the throw rocks at boys game?

We really need to get you a better camera...

johanna said...

i know, i'm saveing all my pennies... maybe i should start some sort of online petition/fundraiser?

Anna said...

Häftiga kuddfodral! Speciellt det med kvinnotecknet i en traditionell krans.

Anonymous said...

HI -
Do you have a pattern for the throw rocks at boys one? I'n new at this but love it and want to make it!
Thanks, Jess

johanna said...

sorry, don't have it. my cousin made it herself, but i'll ask her if she still has it & if i can post it here.

navid said...

hey i wanna buy a riot pillow case from you. throw me an email :
peace / navid.

torrance said...

They're great :) Love your stitching

Jigsaw Youth said...

kathleen hanna is my hero. ♥