Wednesday, March 5, 2008

being paraniod doesn't mean you aren't followed

Oh I almost forgot, I got tagged by a french girl! Can't really read the blog though, since my french stops short after the compulsory voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? I actually did study french in school back in the days, but never learned anything useful (except maybe the frase "I'm gonna fuck your mother with carrots" which I unfortunately forgot rather quickly). Anyway, if I got it right the tag is about telling y'all six things in my life that i'm manic about... so, here goes:

One: I can't stand fireworks, backfireing cars, barking dogs or any other loud, sudden noice. This also means that I'm terrified of balloons ('cause you just know they're gonna go BANG at any moment). The combination balloons + kids on a bus (or any public transportation) can send me in to panic & I have to get off the bus before I start crying.

Two: The most disgusting thing I know is the sound of other people brushing their teeth.

Three: I very often find myself thinking "why are you all staring at me?!" when I'm in a public place & when I do I have to check that i have clothes on me about a thousand times.

(Hm, this does more & more sound like a list of paranoias, right?)

Four: I rarely leave my home without taking at least one book with me. You never know when you're gonna get bored.

Five: I guess the cross stitching fit in here. I'm often sort of manic about a new project, or finishing something that i've been working on - sometimes to the point where I cross stitch until my hands hurt & I cant use them properly.

Six: I need people/friends to answer me as soon as possible everytime I send them a textmsg or e-mail. If they don't, I (loudly) accuse them of hating me.

Well, I might change this list later. Makes me look like a complete idiot... But right now I don't have time, have to go & meet friends & drink beer. See ya kids!


Lilith said...

Great ! Thanks for having done the thing! And by the way, your favourite sentence about carrots (where did you learn that !?) means "Je vais baiser ta mère avec des carottes" in french. ;o)

johanna said...

haha, that sentence comes from a film (la haine) that we watched in school...

Lilith said...

Haaaa... La Haine, the movie which helped the world discover Vincent Cassel and Matthieu Kassovitz... sigh...