Wednesday, July 14, 2010

fuma, bebe, não pensa em trabalhar, fuma, bebe queremos é descansar (summer crafternoon in the park)

So, I've been away for a while again.
No need to explain that more than the usual
total lack of creativity.

It's summer & the last week or so we've had tropical weather in Stockholm - it's too hot to do anything except eat ice cream & listen to Neurosis, Cult of Luna or ISIS. Yesterday I tried to break the vicious circle of sweat, sleep & work by gathering my craft crew for some outdoors activities.

There was food! & Emilia.

Helena was a happy crafter.

it's the Batscarf!

Cross stitch for the newborn.

Emilia is still working on what she herself calls "the Turd".

You could also be this happy if you had a new sewing machine to help you patch up your stuff.

This is cross stitch history in the making.

To the right - our newest member Jenni.
To the left - her first(?) finished cross stitch!

We are very colour coordinated, Nadja & me.

Picnic is always the best food.

The Cutest Cat Ever(tm) appeared out of nowhere & joined us.
She had a thing for cuddeling with early 20th century anarchists.

We named her Emma.

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