Monday, July 19, 2010

...and nothing for ourselves

I've been stitching this for a while now and finally finished it last week. the pattern is originally from the rrrad and crafty Bee Listy, who you might recognize if you hang around Mr Xstitch a lot or just appreciate people who are
"mad as hell and sticks needles into things to sublimate [their] rage".
Except lovely flash tattoo stuff like this, she also blogs at queercraft and stitches amazing portaits that I could never finish, since I know how much time and hard work she must put into them.

I played around a bit with the pattern, mostly the colours (and now I think that maybe I should have stuck to the original, since I managed to fuck up the shadeing a bit) but also the text. The quote comes from the EZLN, the Zapatistas, in Mexico and in english it translates to "everything for everyone". Words that maybe should be the goal to set out for in any political project. I tried to make it come alive a bit more, using silver metalic floss for parts of the dagger, but it's tricky to photograph it well.

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bee listy said...

I haven't even finished my original yet-- this is gorgeous. You're my favorite.