Monday, December 15, 2008

works in progress

Craft night at my place last week:

I think Nadja's revolutionary x-stitch poster will be the greatest thing since sliced bread...

Apart from this I'm busy with life, Christmas prep & trying to keep up with my studies. But last friday I wen't to the release party for Wolfbrigade's new record Comalive & was happy to see that if you look closely on the photo inside the sleeve, you'll see this beautiful cross stitch on the wall! I'm such a groupie.


Kakariki said...

OMG that poster looks awesome! Can't wait to see it finished!

Cross stitch ninja said...

I agree! Looks great!

And I'm a little curious of the black and white cross stitch below it, is it a portrait?

johanna said...

i know, nadja is really talented (one day i'll succeed in my efforts to get her to do some guset blogging here).

the black & white is actually dark green & white & it's sort of a portrait... it's a little project i'm working on, unfortunately it didn't turn out as well as i thought it would.

Julia said...

Kul! du har ju talang för det där, kanske dags att starta eget? "Johannas school of craftwork -nit and cross stitch til you drop".