Thursday, September 18, 2008

viva las vegas!

I have a friend who participated in a game show on tv a couple of months ago. Unfortunately I can't find the clip on Youtube, but there was a pretty funny conversation between her & the host, something like this:

H: So, how are you gonna spend the money if you win?
S: I'm going to Las Vegas to get married!
H: Oh, does your boyfriend know about that?
S: Well, I guess he does now!

Of course she won & of course they went to Vegas to get married. with Elvis singing & everything! Last Saturday they had a party for friends & family to celebrate (since no one was at the actual wedding) & I made them a wedding gift.

As usual my crappy camera fucks up the colors... You have to imagine them a little more green/blue than they appear here. I really like they way it turned out & I think they did to. The phrase is actually something that Fox (no, that's not his real name) wanted engraved on their wedding rings, since he plays in the metal band Grand Magus, but Sarah vetoed it. But now he can at least have it on the wall in their home.

Here's some close ups:



snygga bokstäver!!

Tamarinara said...

i f-ing love this!

johanna said...

thank you!