Sunday, September 7, 2008

back with a vengeance

It's been a couple of weeks with no inspiration, due to a lot of... well,
stuff. But I got myself back on track again, by going to the ladies only craft night at Café Edenborg last week & also with some help from friends. So now I'm working on two different projects & that makes me feel pretty happy. But to get back to that good feeling you get when you've actually done with something, I spent a couple of hours stitching this little piece tonight.

I think I'm gonna put it on my bathroom door, since the text comes from some bathroom graffiti at one of the crappy Indian bars where me & my friends used to go & drink beer a couple of years ago (can't remember which though - maybe Indian Star?).


Lilith said...

I'm quite curious, as it doesn't exist here : what do you do when you go to a ladies only craft night ?

johanna said...

well, i cross stitch... but you can do whatever craft you're into. it's organized by a feminist separatist group here in stockholm, hence the "ladies only".

lilith said...

Well I guessed that, but I suppose there is some event organised, I don't know, some speech(es), or tutorial, or a theme or else ? Do you go with friends or is it very "come to meet new people" ?