Saturday, July 12, 2008

holiday in the sun

Hey kids, i'm back! Had an amazing time (most of it at least) on vacation but on monday it's back to the everyday circle of work-sleep-work-sleep... Anyhow, I'm still stitching on the Valerie Solanas project, hopefully it will be finished before the weekend is over.

But while you're waiting, check out this new amazing project from my grrl down under: the Fabric of Resistance - a wikipage dedicated to the history of revolutionary crafting. If you have something to contribute to the page (it's an ever ongoing project), don't hesitate to do so.

Also, for those of you that liked the tattoo x-stitch that I posted here, take a look at Stitch'd Ink. Some really cool designs & diy kits available there (even though I'm still a bit hesitant when it comes to the old school fascination for pin ups).

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Mouse said...

Small world! This is a friends girls blog, and I was hunting for it!