Sunday, March 2, 2008

here be dragons

've spent the weekend visiting friends in Gothenburg - yes finaly, after months of planning I got my shit together & actually went there. Almost cancelled the trip this time too, 'cause of a bad cold that had me floored during the whole week (or more correctly - horizontal on the couch). But I'm glad I didn't, had a great time going to club Koloni, drinking beer, bying records, eating vegan pizza & thai food, hanging out with the best people & trying to figure out the difference between a tram & a bus. It's kinda funny that I once spent a whole day at the international airport of Dar es Salaam without money, passport or a ticket to get out of there, without being too worried - but to go to another town in Sweden & try to figure out the public transportation system there totaly freaks me out.

Except everything above I also managed to visit the exhibition TAKE ACTION that I've written about earlier. It was pretty good, some stuff that felt a bit "been there, done that" but all in all well worth a visit. Especially since it got me thinking about som new cross stitching ideas. As you probably noticed I've been slacking off a bit during the last couple of weeks. But not totaly, I'm actually working on three different things but they're all pretty big & will take some time to finish (thus the lack of updates here).

A part of the exhibition covered the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, illustrated (amongst other things) by posters from the ANC. They might be on loan from the Apartheid Museum in Jo'burg - a museum I really recommend visiting if you're in the walled city. Anyway, they also reminded me of political posters from Mozambique & Angola during the fight against colonial opression & the years after independence. It's something about the aesthetic expression of these posters that I like, so I'm thinking about doing something similar in cross stitch. Found this site that has a big collection of posters to draw inspiration from & here's some examples:

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