Sunday, April 17, 2011

alienation is my nation

The result of trying to take an "arty" photograph of Karl Marx in my kitchen:

This is a birthday gift for my friend Ida, paid by her boyfriend & made by me. I thought about illustrating the post with this video, but changed my mind. Just can't get over the fact that it annoys the hell out of me that they're only mentioning the men of the working class in the song & by default excludes everyone else. Can't shake the feeling that the clip contains two of my least favorite things in this world:
1) Nice commie guys in "ironic" t-shirts, who took an A-level course in political science & decided that the class struggle will liberate everyone in some sort of automagical way, without for a second stopping to think about or problematize their own position as white males of the middle class.
2) Katy Perry.

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