Friday, November 5, 2010

strong I am with the force, but not that strong

This is my friend Linnéa, taking her first steps into the magical world of radical cross stitching. We had a craft session at my place yesterday, complete with soup, cookies and the most postmodern moment ever - when I accidently spoiled the end of Jane Eyre to Linnéa by mentioning The mad woman in the attic.

I'm so proud of my new protégé! My plan is to become her Yoda of cross stitching. She will worship me & my skillz and maybe bring me offerings in the form of cookies &/or DMC embroidery floss. Moahaha! (<- trademark Mad Scientist laugh)

Yes, the patter that she's stitching comes from the DIY page of Radical Cross Stitch, but for swedish readers it might also be known from this ever so lovely compilation of songs from the women's rights movement of the 70's:

It sounds something like this:


rayna said...

excellent! another convert! Well done matey. And I LOVE the old skool lady power. I want the album.


johanna said...

I'll try to find a copy for you!

Linnéa said...

Wohoo! Bra att du fick med de viktigaste detaljerna från vår kväll... *fortfarande ägd* Jag sydde klart igår! Nu sitter jag och letar nya mönster.