Wednesday, April 8, 2009

but they took our ideas to their marketing stars / & now I'm spending all my days at / trying to buy back a little piece of me

I made a bookmark for my favourite librarian.

It went very well with the book I'm reading right now, The Popular Music Studies Reader. I mean, who could resist academic texts on topics like: Understanding hipness: 'subcultural capital' as feminist tool; Rules of rebellion: slamdancing, moshing and the american alternative scene; Voices from the margins: rap music and contemporary cultural production or Smells like teen spirit: riot grrrls, revolution and women in independent rock? It's really heaven for a sucker for subcultural nerdyness with a twist of academics like me. & I get to write about it & get credit for it! Makes me wanna start off every day with a song. Or some d-beat.

Anyhow, here's some close ups & since I'm off to the island for Easter vacation tomorrow (crafting! thrift stores! food! candy!) I'll leave you with a feminist anthem for the 21 century.

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