Monday, February 16, 2009

warm hands, cold heart

So I finished my first pair of knitted hand/wrist warmers today. Small step for humankind, but a huge leap for me. Tried to do something with a pattern this time & what could be better than to start off with the classic venus/feminist symbol?

It might not be the most neat knitting in the world, but I'm still learning... I found the pattern for the symbol at Subversive Knitting & then just sort of made the rest up. It was pretty easy & fast, good for a newbie like me. If i could, I would give you the pattern here but I actually don't know how to write out knitting patterns... They start with six rows knit 2, purl 2 (bottom) & end with four rows of the same, otherwise it's just plain knitting with two different colors & then sewing the two sides together & leaving a whole for the thumb. When you put them on it looks something like this (yes, it is very tricky to photograph your own hands):


torrance said...

very cool!
and I love the new header on your blog

johanna said...

thanks! i made the header a while ago, had it up for a couple of days then changed it again... but yesterday i realized that i really liked it & changed back.

lotta said...

fantastisk stickning! och jag gillar citatet på ditt sista broderi.

Karin said...

Sypersnygga! Den symbolen piggar upp det mesta :)

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

what wonderful gloves!