Monday, January 5, 2009

make up & ponies

I'm not too sure about the new header/logo. What do you think? & yes, I got the idea for from some of the designs at Urban Threads. Credit where credit's due.

I started two new projects today & got two other in mind. Since there is no money & no fun & just fucking cold in January, I'm planning to stay indoors & spend my time doing some serious crafting next couple of weeks.

Cute craft/diy badges that I bought last week at Hallongrottan, Sthlm:

1 comment:

Cross stitch ninja said...

Yeah, when your nostril hairs freeze when you breathe it's just too damn cold...

The header looks good! I like the hand made feel. And the colour choice is real nice. The text is a little hard to read tho.

And love those badges, might just have to get some myself...