Monday, November 3, 2008

we were on a break

I feel that I have neglected you for a while & I'll try to do better. There's just been a lot of things going on in my life right now, so I haven't really had time for crafting (or maybe, my mind's been elsewhere). But I've started a new project, moving on from x-stitch to other type of embroidery & it's really fun. Hopefully it'll be finished soon.

But at least I've found a new (for me) craft site that sell some really cool patterns, both for hand embroidery & machine embroidery. Check out Urban Threads.

Here's some of my favorites:

Also, take a look at this awesome needlebook/pincushion/craftkit made with one of the patterns.


Cross stitch ninja said...

Ooh, those are nice! I especially like the one with the spool of thread.

Pauline said...

Gud nu vill jag tatuera mig.

johanna said...

yes it's a tattoo waiting to happen...