Monday, June 23, 2008

a hoop & a la & another kind of craft (I'm celebrating my love for you with a craftzine & a new tattoo)

Today is not just the first day of my summer vacation (yay!) but also apparently a little bit of Christmas in the middle of June! I woke up to find that not just my order
from Sublime Stitching had arrived (yes, I too finally succumbed to the greatness that is Jenny Hart), but I also got the latest issue of Hoopla in the mail! It's even bigger & better than #1, so I'm very happy & not just because some of my work is featured in it (Rayna, I promise - for next issue I'll write something proper & exclusive).

I especially appreciated the piece by Betsy Greer about stiching/crafting as a form of dealing with emotions & it's sort of therapeutic effect. I can really understand where she's coming from there, since I often use cross stitching as a way to focus my thoughts on something that doesn't hurt or as something that just blocks out stuff I don't want to dwell on anymore. But it also works the other way, when I feel happy & content with life & know that I'm making something that someone will appreciate 'cause it's made with a lot of love & attention. So it's really like the emotions go into the stitching & it can force you to think about stuff that you really don't want to think about, or sometimes not think at all... So go ahead & order you're own copy of Hoopla & if you have a distro or some other way to spread the word, why not order a whole bunch of them?

Last but not least, some of you wondered about the "handicraft for handicraft" swap from the latest post... So here's the result.

It does look a bit weird right now 'cause of the bruises & the fact that it's not really finished. It will probably take at least one more session to do the colour of the butterflies and the shading of the fairy. But I'll have to wait a while & see that it heals okay 'cause I have this palet disorder called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, which makes my blood all wonky... It's basically "hemophilia light" & is an autoimmune disease that makes my immune system target & eliminate the thrombocytes that makes the blood coagulate. So I have a tendency to bleed very easily & get a lot of bruises. But I'm really happy with the tattoo & think it's gonna be the prettiest one ever when it's completed.


Kakariki said...

Thanks lovely!

Lilith said...

Hey your tattoos promise to be really great when colored.
I think I'll never get tattoed myself because I change my mind too often about what kind of design I like, but I still admire those who are stable and confident enough to take the chance :o)

Cross stitch ninja said...

That's going to look so good when it's finished!

torrance said...

Mmmm, there's nothing like new ink <3

noah said...

I was wondering if you've had any problems with your tattoos? I also have ITP and I'm considering getting a tattoo, so any info would be appreciated.

johanna said...

noah - i've never had any big problems with my tattoos (this was the third one). they might take a little longer time to heal & i get a lot of bruising under & around them but that goes away after a while. to be on the safe side you might wanna check your thrombocyte count just before getting the tattoo, so that you know that it's not too low (i asked my doctor about it, he said anything higher than 30 should be okay). but the most important thing is to go to at good tattoo artist, that knows what their doing. tell her/him about the itp so that they know about it & can decide if they think it would cause any problems.

noah said...

Oh, that's good to hear. Thanks for the information.