Friday, May 9, 2008

hello africa, tell me how you're doin'! (or: trying is the first step toward failure)

I know that I promissed that this woulden't be yet another "hey, I'm putting my diary out on the internet for all to see!" blog, but i just can't control myself right now. I'm so excited! The future looks so unthinkable bright right now!

The thing is that I realized the advantages of distance tuition/studies. Went to my sister's & her boyfriend for dinner yesterday & we discussed what I was planning for this autumn (quitting my job, continuing my studies to get my masters) & I joked about the fact that I should move home (to my parents) like people do when they wanna cut the costs of living, except that I don't have a "home" to move to (well, not in this town at least). & then my sister's boyfriend said "But why don't you? If you've applied for a distance course (is that the right term in english? you know, studying over the internet) why don't you just move down to your mom in Mozambique?". & I thought, yeah why don't I?

The last couple of weeks I've joked a lot about my goal in life, my dream job; to sit in southern Africa and "do some blogging" (a plan that is both childish & neo-colonial, I know). & here's the perfect opportunity! I don't have to wait until I get my degree, wich was the original plan. So I texted my mom this morning & told her to make the bed in the guestroom, 'cause I'm on my way & her response was "Okay, get down here asap!" more or less.

& no, I refuse to listen to people who tell me that no one I know ever managed to finish their distance studies. That it didn't turn out that well last time I went to Moz to do field work & that I will hit myself hard for being stupid again, when I'm back in about a year with yet another unfinished course at Uni to deal with...

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