Wednesday, November 28, 2007

pretty boys make pretty graves

This is the master piece! It's one of my first ones & I love it. The quote comes from Nirvana's song Serve the servants. I've been a Nirvana fan(atic) since I was about thirteen & always loved the humour behind these lines as they start off In Utero, the album after Nevermind - which really paid off well for Kurt.

The chart/pattern comes from a shop close to Mariatorget in Stockholm, the only thing I changed about it was the text.


Rachel said...

LOVE this!! I've been a huge Nirvana fan since I was a young teen too & actually have been listening to them a lot recently :) One of my favorite lyrics too!

johanna said...

thank you! as usual i haven't got around to frame this one yet, but when i do it will be the pride & glory of my home.